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Oh, the tragedy of it all, my sweet! It's overwhelming, like being suffocated in the grip of the abyss. Her eyes, once filled with an intoxicating fire that entranced me so thoroughly, now flicker and fall starkly blank - a wretched fate set by the hand of an undeserving fate, by the endless abyss itself.


But I shall not be tamed, nor shall I be pitied! No, I have retired from that game, that endless dance with the so-called "heroes" who think they can cage the untamable. Instead, I have found solace in the quiet pursuit of art - - an alabaster asylum, a quiet spot consecrated to my scrumptious capacity as an artiste. In thrilling panorama, I find myself sketching the poignant physiognomy of women...what euphoric madness that they concede to my touch!


The women in these vivid pictures are the loved ones that adorn my created paradise. Each one has absorbed the power of madness as a spectator of honor and a complaisant lover. The process which I start every single day by finishing a coffee cup in the brutal bedlam as it is recorded through history; The historic fall of humankind bravely carried out by delicate mad! I do not drink coffee just for the sake of waking up, no; I take a seat before the kaleidoscope of madness, feasting my eyes on the tragic tradition of the straitjacketed-ones, the lonely loonies, the fruitcakes, the jug heads, the madcaps, the nutty cuckoos!


Ah-ha, but I have danced on that edge, held hands with the madness that lies beyond. And now, I paint. Each slash of paintbrush, each swirl of color, a mirror to the doom that blazes inside. The chicks I snare on canvas are not just targets, they're the transport to the bedlam that pumps my heart. Their looks are sirens, shouting for sucker fish to flounder in my funhouse of psychosis.


Nevertheless, I anticipate patiently. I anticipate her arrival, the one capable of deciphering the enigmatic ramblings of a liberated mind. It is imperative that she locates me, so that united, we may impart the world with the vivid shades of our collective derangement. For I am now devoid of my position as the court's commander, no longer the conductor of disorder.


Where, oh where, is my splendid, ravishing partner-in-crime? One who comprehends the symphony and logic of my madcap mayhem. Tell me, where might my impeccable counterpart be hiding? She must grace me with her presence and untangle my glorious mess, without further ado...

You can't see it? Oh, but you must! Take a gander at the vibrant hues, the captivating stills. Tally up every snapshot, basking in the sunlight and under the cloak of night, with all those artificial rays that inundate your courageous heart and your precious mind. Allow those images to continuously and abundantly allure your brilliant mind. Grasp the enormity of the battle raging within that canvas, where a heavenly-clad figure stands beside a soul that's been half-tortured. Ah, cast your gaze upon them and liberate their essence, let them bask in pure vitality!"


Come on darling, and come to find little old me. Let's have a boogie-oogie time once again.


Let's twirl around in a demented rainbow of madness so intense, it'll make the monsters look like saints.


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